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  • Introducing the 5050 ZIP HOODIE The Zip Hoodie (5050) Our new Zip Hoodie takes the traditional nursing jacket and flips it on its arse. The versatile Iguana Zip Hoodie features tonal cover stitching throughout that is a perfect addition to your IguanaMed wardrobe. The hoodie is pulled together by the elastic infused ribbing on the waist and cuffs and completed with the extra durable zipper with Iguana Logo pull tab. The best part is that the hoodie is constructed out of the same MFII fabric you have grown to love! We will continue to lay the framework for performance in the medical apparel industry - stay ahead of the game with the new zip hoodie! Better than ever. Been doin it!


    5050, Sity Slate

    5050, Carbon Black


    5050, Navy

    5050, White